Catch a Hero

Supporters in times of need

Launch your platform easily to connect institutions in need with volunteers - wherever on the world a crisis occurs.

The most important things in short:

Whenever a crisis occurs on this planet it takes quick reactions, no matter if it is the outbreak of a pandemic disease, an earthquake or a flood. Volunteers are needed to help in the shortest possible time. We give YOU the opportunity to create your local platform to connect institutions and volunteers wherever it is needed within a couple of minutes. There are many heroes out there who want to help in times of need. We make it easy for you to catch them!

  • How does it work?

    We have the platform and database you need set up to be used. There is no need for you to lose time on creating a website on your own! You register the crisis event and you can get started with your own platform within minutes. Please be aware: We offer you a ready-to-use platform, not an existing network of volunteers!

  • What does the platform do?

    Once your platform is ready, volunteers can register and offer their help. At the same time institutions and organisations that are working locally can enter their request for support. Volunteers are matched with requests from institutions and receive a message with more information on the request. If they want to help on this specific task we submit their contact data to the institution in need.

  • Who can register?

    Our platform is made to bring together a large amount of volunteers to be distributed easily to tasks in many places. This makes the platform an ideal tool to coordinate help where and when it is needed. We will verify any request before we open your platform. You need to represent an organisation which is able to coordinate the help locally and your event must qualify as an extraordinary crisis.

  • What do I have to do once I have my "Catch A Hero" platform ready?

    Spread the word! Link your platform to your own website, use media and social media to make your campaign known and to get local volunteers to the platform. We advise you to get in touch with all organisations and institutions who have local activities where they need help from volunteers. Institutions can register their requests for help and the requests will be sent out to matching volunteers.

Create your "Catch a Hero" platform
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